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Hightail Hot Shotting

In the fast paced and complex world of hauling hot shot freight, you need a partner with lots of experience, skill, and a natural talent for getting things done.  At Hightail Hotshot, Erik and his team deliver all three and more. We are your problem solver. 

Experts specializing in timely customs clearances and 100% compliance to keep your hot shot load moving quickly and efficiently.
Whatever your hot shotting requirements are or emergency is, we offer flat deck or enclosed trailers, along with pilot trucking and other services.  Do you need a straight truck with a power lift gate? We have accounts with Penske and Ryder, and can hop in a rental and make it happen today.  

Do you need a car, RV, camper, or boat hauled? We have experience hauling high value boats and RVs, as well as adding a 5th wheel hitch to haul your 5th wheel trailer. Furthermore, we even have a long bed dually set up to haul your truck slide-in camper. We can help you get it there.  

Is your shipment Hazmat? Our hot shot drivers at Hightail Hotshot are certified to transport dangerous goods. Also, is your shipment small or local? We can keep your business moving with delivery of small parts, equipment, PPE supplies, and even personnel. In any event, time is money so let us run around for you.

Whether local or international hot shot shipments or an emergency, we deliver on time – every time. Let Erik and his team at Hightail Hotshot help you with your emergeny or hot shotting delivery today.

Flat Deck

Steel pieces for your bridge project, generator to your mine site or those vital parts to keep your mill or oil project running. We do it every day… and we do it very well.


We have zero cargo claims and spotless drivers abstracts ensuring your sensitive loads are dry and safe, period.

Pilot Truck

Experienced escort drivers ensure your O/D shipment arrives promptly and most important keep the travelling public safe. 

Hot Shotting Blog

Hightail Hotshot’s Tip: Where Do You Buy Your Tires?

For commercial drivers, choosing the right tires is crucial for ensuring safety, performance, and cost-effectiveness on the road. One significant decision is where to purchase these tires—whether from a national tire service center or a big box store. While big box stores might offer convenience and competitive pricing, national tire service centers provide several distinct advantages that are particularly beneficial for commercial drivers.

Hightail Hotshot’s Tips for Diving at Night – Yellow Lenses or Not?

If you hate driving at night, then you probably won’t enjoy hot shotting. By the nature of our hot shot service, we are typically asked to overnight vital freight to the end user. Also being based in the North, we have plenty of nighttime driving during the winter months.

Don’t let your tires run over the Fog Line

Before I started into hotshotting, I had no idea what this meant. After hundreds of thousands of kilometers of highway, a hot shot operator can tell you something highly important.  Keep yourself safe based on highway painted lines, based on colour and shape. 

Protecting Your Car: Importance of Air Intake Filter Maintenance During Wildfire Season

As we enter wildfire season, it's crucial to not only safeguard our homes and health but also our vehicles. Wildfire smoke can pose significant challenges, especially for cars, where the air intake filter plays a vital role in keeping the engine running smoothly.

Seasonal Swap - Tire Tread Depth

So, it’s that time to swap your summer and winter tires over. You look and as is typical two tires have more tread than the other two.

Is Hotshotting OTR Trucking? First off what is OTR trucking?

OTR (Over-The-Road) trucking involves long-haul transportation of goods across vast distances, often spanning states or even countries, using large commercial trucks. Truckers endure extended periods on the road.

Is Hotshotting First-mile, Middle-mile or a Last-mile Service?

First-mile Logistics. It involves the initial stage of the supply chain, encompassing the movement of goods from the point of origin, often a manufacturer or supplier, to the transportation hub or distribution center.

Will Extreme Weather Effect Transport and Logistics?

Extreme weather events disrupt transport routes, causing delays and damage to infrastructure, impacting the timely delivery of goods. Companies face increased costs due to rerouting shipments and addressing weather-related damages to facilities and vehicles.

Seven Tips to Help Prevent Deer Strikes

At Hightail Hotshot we’ve seen one of the most prominent being the risk of animal strikes. The vast stretches of roads intersecting wildlife habitats make encounters between vehicles and animals a common occurrence.

Safeguarding Shipments: The Role of Dedicated Direct Carrier Services in Mitigating Theft Risks in Transport and Logistics

In the dynamic landscape of transport and logistics, where the efficient movement of goods is paramount, the perennial challenge of theft casts a shadow over the industry.

Heavy Tarps VS Light Weight Tarps for Trucking

At Hightail Hotshot, the choice between heavy tarps and lightweight tarps for trucking depends on several factors. These include the type of cargo you're transporting, weather conditions, and the level of protection required. Here are some considerations to help you decide which type of tarp to use

Hightail Hotshot’s Tips for What’s in My Cooler?

Typically, Hotshotting takes you on the road overnight, or possibly for a couple of days. Also typical of hot shot work, we don’t have time to stop for a sit-down meal. We also don’t have time to yak with other drivers who are living in their trucks delivering goods across the continent on long-hauls.

Hightail Hotshot’s 10 Tips to Help You Stay Alert While Driving

Occasionally hotshot delivery involves a few hours in-town driving, but your typical hotshotting involves many miles to and from delivery. To compound the challenge, most customers who book a hot shot service wait until the last minute, and we get dispatched later in the day after having been up all day.

Safely Hauling Long loads

You don’t have to be in hotshotting to deal with oversize loads. We see this all the time with average Joe or contractors pulling out of Home Depot with materials too long for their vehicles. There’s also exterior service contractors with long ladders swinging out the back. I’ve even seen one use a ladies red brassier as a flag on the end.

Snow tires or All-seasons?

Typically, hot shotting operators use light duty one-ton pickup trucks. Unlike tractor trucks, they have the option to use snow tires in the winter. If you have a four-wheel drive and carry chains, then why not save some money, and run all season tires all year?

Which transmission is better for towing, a manual or automatic?

This question is almost irrelevant, because new pickup trucks only come with a manual option with the Ram trucks. Since the truck of choice for hotshotting is a pickup truck, this means those wanting to shift their own gears will be looking at Ram or older models of Ford or GM. Our Hightail Hotshotting fleet includes both automatic transmissions and manual, so we can give you, our impression.

Having Us Haul Your Trailer?

Sometimes customers need their trailer moved from A to B, and this may seem initially a simple task. However, it can be a headache for a hot shot carrier. Why is that? A professional hot shotting carrier maintains their own equipment for safety and reliability. They also must pass an annual Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVI). A hotshot driver must also pull into truck scales, like the big boys, and be compliant with national safety standards for motor carriers.

Considering Starting Your Own Hot Shot Trucking Business?

We get lots of calls from guys considering starting their own business so a blog post on the subject of hot shot trucking seemed like a perfect idea.

Over ten years ago this was me, I was purchasing a Ford F350 out of Texas and thought it would be cool to make money with it. Having family in the trucking industry I picked their brains and after hiring someone to facilitate obtaining my Canadian and US authorities and leasing my first flat deck I was in business.

Hot Shotting -Diesel or Gasoline?

You probably already are aware that hot shot services most all use diesel equipment. Can I do hotshot hauling with my gas truck?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of each? And the one question always asked…. Why is diesel sometimes cheaper and other times more expensive??

Pre-Trip Like a Pro

If you are not a commercial driver you may not be familiar with the term pre-trip.

Professional hot shot drivers as commercial drivers are required to complete a pre trip inspection of their Hotshotting equipment. Besides being required by the transportation regulatory authorities doing a pre trip just makes good sense. Why not take a tip from the pros and make a pre-trip part of your routine as a citizen of the public roadways.


Whether you are looking to book a hot shot service or towing your camping equipment you may at some point come across the acronym GVWR. What does it stand for and what does it mean for you?

GVW mean the Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR means the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GCVWR means the Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating

What to know before you call our hot shot service

Inexperienced shippers and new freight brokers can quickly be spotted when they call our hot shot emergency line.
  • Are you or your client actually looking for hot shot dedicated service?
  • What is the dimensions and weight of the freight?

Hot Shot or LTL?

Some of our competitors operate as LTL carriers filling their trailers with freight from various customer outbound and again as a back haul. This works for some, and the customers benefit from the much-reduced cost of sharing the deck with multiple clients. 


What is LTL and FTL and which one best describes hot shot trucking? LTL stands for Less Than Truckload and FTL is Full Truck Load

The Turbo Life

Recently while waiting for completion of some maintenance on one of our hot shot trucks I listened to the service manager chat with some customers on the phone and in the shop about turbo issues.

Electric Trucks for Hotshotting?

As of 2023 is it feasible for a hot shot carrier to switch to electric trucks? Electric trucks have instant power and very high torque. They also are unaffected by elevation changes unlike combustion engines.