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At Hightail Hot Shotting, we can handle & deliver any freight up to 24’ of deck and a maximum of 8,000 lbs in our enclosed or flat-deck trailers.

We currently run 2-3 drivers and 3 trucks for emergency and time sensitive hot shotting deliveries from the border of Mexico, up the Western United States, all the way up to Yellowknife, NWT, to Saskatchewan.  Our vehicles include one-ton pickups, and both flat deck and enclosed cargo trailers. Our vehicles are used for both carrier and pilot vehicles.

All our hot shotting trucks are 4WD, and are run on dedicated winter tires. This  insures we can operate and hotshot loads in any harsh Canadian winter weather or climate.  

We have VHF radios, satellite tracking, and carry enough fuel for a range of over 1000 miles (or 1610 kilometres).  This means for our valued business partner's and the freight less fuel stop delays, and the hot shotting hauling ability to access remote locations far from services.

Like firefighters and ambulances, our hot shotting equipment gets maintained, prepped, and inspected between trips. This means when our phone rings, our hotshot trucks, trailers, and driver carriers are ready, fueled and safe to make your timely delivery.  At Hightail Hotshot, Erik makes sure that your freight arrives safe and ontime. Email him today at erik@hightailhotshot.com.

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