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Hightail Hot Shotting is based in Surrey, BC, Canada. Being the second-largest country in the world, our country features a wide variety of sprawling landscapes, from large mountain ranges to the golden prairies.  Hightail Hotshot runs our flat-deck, enclosed, or pilot vehicles across our beautiful western provinces & territories, in to the western states of the US, down to the border of Mexico. 

Hot shot delivery requirements vary. Some hot shotting needs to be delivered a short distance, but others may need to go way down into the United States, or even across the country. From Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories, all the way down to the Mexican border, we deliver.  We also do our hot shotting from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan all the way to Victoria, British Columbia, with all points in between, like Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and so on.  

Being based 10 minutes from the Pacific Highway commercial crossing we are central to getting freight across in both directions. We handle our own PARS/PAPS and electronic manifesting, so we are in control of making sure shipments clear in an expedited manner. We also offer TDG (Hazmat) service with certified drivers.

Due to our equipment specializing in being small, fast, and light, we again can hotshot transport less than truckload dimensions.  However, due to our time sensitive dedicated specialty, we are similar too full truck load rates.

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