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Operating since 2010, we are hot shot trucking company based in Surrey B.C, Canada. Our hot shotting transportation service is a dedicated A to B service which typically has us transporting from Yellowknife, NWT, to the Mexican border, and from Saskatoon, Sask, to Victoria, BC, with all points in between. Time Definite service at affordable prices. Our range to date includes Ottawa ON, as far as eastern range.

Ninety % of hot shot service providers operate Gooseneck flat decks. For this reason, many shippers call the trailers themselves hotshot carriers. Equipment and service should not be confused. The service of dedicated direct transport is the hotshot, not the type of equipment.

At Hightail Hotshot, we employ a variety of equipment, like the ubiquitous Gooseneck flat deck, but we also offer enclosed service. Really when things are busy any vehicle in our parking lot is fair game even the owners VW Passat.
We are 100% honest in our hot shot delivery estimates of transit time, and we are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations. Since we provide an accurate and reasonable timeline we often deliver ahead of schedule. Your reputation and schedule are our utmost priority.

We will gladly travel anywhere you pay us to go. We will let an opportunity go rather than commit and make you look bad. Our drivers are experienced commercial drivers with either a Class 1 License or Heavy Trailer Endorsement. Some of our drivers have hauled big rigs full of explosives to mine sites. Some of our other hotshot haulers ran winter ice roads, seatbelts clipped, and doors open.

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