Service - Hot Shotting - Hot Shot Delivery


We offer hot shotting services for emergency and time sensitive deliveries between Western Canada and the U.S. We transport electronics, machinery and small parts that are integral to keeping our customers operational.

Being based in South Surrey 10 minutes from the Pacific Highway commercial crossing we are central to getting freight across in both directions. We offer TDG (Hazmat) service with certified drivers. We handle our own PARS/PAPS and electronic manifesting, so we are in control of making sure shipments clear in an expedited manner. Once your freight is loaded it will not be handled again until it is being unloaded.

All communications from sales, tracking updates and delivery confirmations are handled by our experienced Manager, and during the course of a shipment he is available 24/7 by phone, email and text.

Also, all trucks have satellite tracking so customers can contact him at any time for an update.