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Pilot Truck

Is your hot shotting freight over dimensional? If so, let Hightail Hotshot help you.  We can haul your O/D pieces on our flat deck trailers and pilot the load as well. 

With all the lights, signs, and radios, any of our trucks can be equipped as a pilot vehicle. This is to ensure the public’s safety and your shipment reaching its destination with zero delays on time and everytime.

  • Our pilot vehicles eliminate potential for split shipments and less handling, which means less chance of loss or damage.
  • Specialized equipment availability, including flat beds, reefers, curtain side and many more.
  • Service from the border of Mexico and throughout the western states & provinces of the US & Canada, to Yellowknife NWT.
For our business partners this translates into great hot shotting coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Not only can we move your hot shot load anywhere along the western seaboard, all the way to Yellowknife, NWT, we deliver the expertise you need to get the job done.  Fast hot shot shipping and logistic services help your cargo get to where it needs too smoothly and more efficiently than you thought possible.

Call Erik today at Hightail Hot Shotting or email at erik@hightailhotshot.com.