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Need your hotshotting load to stay dry and clean? Enclosed trailers have many uses for transportation & equipment protection.  Whenever you’re hot shotting loads, there’s nothing more important than delivering on time and security.  Unlike the flat deck, our enclosed trailers offer more than enough security, including locked doors and four walls that will keep your hot shot freight out of sight and secure from theft. Hotshot trailers have the capability to lock contents safely away inside, and prevent prying eyes from taking a look at what’s inside.

Enclosed trailers, sometimes referred to as cargo trailers, are one of the most convenient and affordable ways to transport your hot shot freight.  You just load up your items and let our carriers take them away.

Hightail trailers also provide the added benefit of better protecting your items from damage. Our enclosed trailers don’t allow your items to fall off your trailer bed, destroying the item. This hot shot service can include E-track, straps, load bars, and moving blankets to make sure freight stays put and undamaged.

Although our decks are not dock height, our barn doors and low decks make loading by forklift or by hand easy. Simply load up with your forklift and we can position your freight with our pallet jack inside the trailer. We can handle any freight up to 24’ of deck and a maximum of 8,000 lbs enclosed or open deck. Enclosed max is 18’ and 7,000 lbs.

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