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Flat Deck

When it comes to hotshotting, the flat deck is the king of the job site. The flat deck allows loading and unloading in a variety of manners including forklift, crane and by hand. Flat deck trailers are built with the deck between the trailer wheels. This simple design is the most popular type of trailer today.  No doubt you have seen many of them on the road. 

The Flat deck trailer is not high above the ground, which gives it a low center of gravity and makes it easy for you to load and unload.Our flat deck height ranges from 24” to 36” which is lower than standard dock height like on larger freight trucks. To our advantage, we can handle taller pieces and removing freight off the truck by hand is much easier.

A flat deck trailer is a great option for hot shotting any of these loads and hauling circumstances:

  • Any large or small equipment or vehicles that will be hauled fit between the wheels of the trailer. 
  • Loading can be done around the wheels and fenders.
  • Loading occurs in a tight space. Because the platform is so close to the ground, only a short ramp is needed to load vehicles onto the trailer.
  • Handloading often doesn’t require a ramp at all since it is only a small step onto the platform.
  • Hauling occurs over roads and relatively smooth surfaces that allow for low ground clearance.

We can tarp your load and secure it with straps or chains, so it won’t budge until the consignee takes delivery.

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