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Hot Shot or LTL?

Some of our competitors operate as LTL carriers filling their trailers with freight from various customer outbound and again as a back haul. This works for some, and the customers benefit from the much-reduced cost of sharing the deck with multiple clients. 

However, this should not be confused with the Hot Shotting service Hightail Hotshot provides. Imagine the warranted indignation of a customer paying top dollar to have his goods taken directly to delivery to solve an emergency with a time definite deadline only to have a hot shot carrier delay departure and wander about loading other freight at various shippers instead of leaving directly.

Are you, a cross border client using a hot shot service? How much more important that your hotshotting provider be truly providing exclusive dedicated service. Freight travelling under the same manifest must cross all at the same time. If you are paying for hot shot service only your goods should be crossing with your hot shot carrier. If your carrier has someone else’s freight that is not clear to cross but is with your freight, then your shipment is dead in the water and reliant on the other shipment clearing so that yours may also proceed. 

The same logic applies to hot shot service within Canada. If your so-called Hotshotting service is running their enterprise as an LTL service your freight can be delayed if the shipper of the other freight is delayed if the receiver of the other client’s freight is slow or delayed in unloading. Also, if the greedy hot shot carrier loads too much other freight, he could overload his equipment causing slower transit, more stops to secure the load and ultimately being put out of service at the scale by CVSE where your freight will now sit until who knows when. 

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