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Snow tires or All-seasons?

Typically, hot shotting operators use light duty one-ton pickup trucks.  Unlike tractor trucks, they have the option to use snow tires in the winter. If you have a four-wheel drive and carry chains, then why not save some money, and run all season tires all year?

While many have survived winter after winter with all season tires, at Hightail Hotshot, we have always opted to switch to dedicated winter snow tires come October through March. What is our reasoning?  All season tires first advantage is that you simply run the same tires all year.  They are reasonably safe in the shoulder season, especially if the weather gets cold unexpectedly.

Another advantage is financial. All season tires typically have harder rubber and longer wear than snow tires, and can be easier to find at a discount, and even used like new.

Snow tires are designed with softer rubber compounds so that when it’s cold they will remain softer than all seasons and thus grip much better. Snow tires also have additional siping (which is the fine slits in the tread) that gives the tread extra help especially when braking. Snow tires also have more blocky tread that allows better grip in snow and pushes away slush.

As far as costs go, we view this as cheap insurance. Imagine a preventable collision that results in at least an insurance deductible of perhaps $500-1000.  This alone can cover the additional cost of the tires themselves. Add to this cost the downtime of collision repairs, tow bills, risk to drivers, and the hit to your National Safety Code or DOT#, if you are a hot shot carrier. 

But speaking of tire costs, keep in mind each month you are using your snow tires, your summer season tires are getting zero wear.  Thus, their longevity is extended. Another advantage is when you purchase winter wheels for your hot shot trucks. This keeps your summer wheels out of winter elements.  It also means when you do your seasonal changeover twice yearly, your cost is a fraction of mounting and balancing.

For these reasons our Hotshotting trucks are outfitted with dedicated winter tires so along with the four-wheel drive system. We have peace of mind and can focus on making our time sensitive deliveries and make it home safely.  If you would like to chat with Erik in more detail, please give him a call at 604-728-3037 or email him at erik@hightailhotshot.com.