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Having Us Haul Your Trailer?

Sometimes customers need their trailer moved from A to B, and this may seem initially a simple task.  However, it can be a headache for a hot shot carrier. Why is that?

A professional hot shotting carrier maintains their own equipment for safety and reliability.  They also must pass an annual Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVI). A hotshot driver must also pull into truck scales, like the big boys, and be compliant with national safety standards for motor carriers.

When asked to transport your trailer, we will ask the following:

  1. Is it insured and plated?
  2. If required by law, does it have a current CVI decal showing it has passed safety standards?
  3. Are all lights working?
  4. Does the emergency breakaway brake controller function?
  5. Have axle bearings been inspected and repacked annually?
  6. Are tires inflated and have good tread, and is there a spare?
  7. Are brakes on the trailer all functioning and adjusted?

By the very nature of Hotshotting, our equipment is maintained and prepared to leave at moments notice. If we arrive to tow your trailer, and it requires bulbs and tire inflation, this could mean delays and unexpected costs. It’s also tying up our truck and driver unnecessarily. If we tow your trailer and there is a tire blowout, or we are put out of service at the scale, then we all look bad, and your trailer will not arrive to point B, where you need it to be.  

So what’s the bottom line?

We would love to get your equipment where it needs to be, while saving you the time and manpower to get it there. If your trailer meets all the requirements listed above, we can quickly, easily, and safely transfer it to where you need it. If in doubt, however, it may require us to load it on to our trailer, and transport it that way.

Why tie up your truck and staff that specialize in what you do best, when we have the equipment and experience to move your trailer as that’s our specialty. If you would like to speak with Erik about a load or trailer, please give him a call at 604-728-3037 or email him at erik@hightailhotshot.com.