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What is LTL and FTL and which one best describes hot shot trucking?

LTL stands for Less Than Truckload and FTL is Full Truck Load

LTL carriers typically gather freight from multiple shippers loading at various locations to fill up their truck before leaving to the common destination or dropping along a common route.

Some LTL carriers have docks and warehouses where the various freight is sorted and loaded into the appropriate truck much like a train station.

FTL is when one shipper can either fill the truck with only his freight or wishes to only have his freight onboard so pays for the entire truckload.

So based on this which one does hotshotting fit?

Both and neither is the short answer.

By nature a hot shot carrier has smaller equipment thus compared to a 53’ van or 48’ flat deck anything he transports will be LTL or Less Than a Truckload.

However a true hot shot service will not scrounge up freight from various shippers to fill up the truck as this is time consuming and unfair to the customer who pays the big bucks to send the truck dedicated and rushed.

Since the shipper is paying for hotshotting service he is securing the entire truck thus the shipment can also be considered FTL or Full Truck Load.

So is our hot shot service LTL or FTL? Well, both and neither but guaranteed we won’t delay your shipment to try to make an extra dollar and barring death and dismemberment it will arrive when promised and intact.