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Is Hotshotting OTR Trucking? First off what is OTR trucking?

OTR (Over-The-Road) trucking involves long-haul transportation of goods across vast distances, often spanning states or even countries, using large commercial trucks. Truckers endure extended periods on the road, navigating highways and diverse terrains, facing varying weather conditions and road challenges. They operate heavy-duty vehicles, delivering cargo to distant destinations, maintaining strict schedules, and adhering to safety regulations while being away from home for extended periods. OTR trucking serves as a critical backbone of the economy, facilitating the movement of goods across region’s and ensuring the supply chain's functionality.

Hot shot trucking, by its nature, wears many hats and OTR could describe one of them. Although the equipment used is smaller in scale the hot shot operator often runs dedicated to distant locations over 1000 miles (1600 km) from the home office.

We have made deliveries as distant as Ottawa, Ontario (2700 miles), and Daytona Beach, Florida (3200 miles). Unlike traditional OTR operators we don’t have sleeper berths on our trucks, so rest is typically in the backseat or in a motel along the way.